Gastric Sleeve

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Southern Weightloss Institute | Gastric Sleeve Surgery | Birmingham AL

Gastric Sleeve:

A vertical sleeve gastrectomy or simply sleeve gastrectomy is a purely restrictive procedure that limits the amount of food a person can eat. Restrictive bariatric surgery, and specifically vertical sleeve gastrectomy, aims to reduce the overall size of the stomach. In this procedure, a portion of the stomach is functionally removed from the digestive system through a vertical line of staples.

The remaining "banana shaped" stomach pouch is connected to the first part of the small intestine (duodenum). With most (approximately 85 percent) of the stomach removed, large amounts of food simply cannot be eaten as there is very little stomach left to collect it. Gastric sleeve surgery is a relatively new procedure for weight loss surgery, but has been shown to yield results that are similar to that of Gastric Bypass surgery.
For more information on the Lap-Band procedure, please visit the Weight Loss Resources page of this website.

Taking Personal Responsibility
Studies show that patients who commit to eating a healthy diet, take the required supplements, have routine blood work drawn and incorporate an exercise program into their lifestyle have the best long-term results.

Surgery gives patients the physical tool to assist with weight loss. Patients must be committed to making the mental and emotional changes necessary after weight loss surgery to ensure successful weight loss. This commitment will also ensure long-term weight maintenance. Lack of exercise, poorly balanced meals, constant grazing, eating processed carbohydrates and drinking carbonated beverages are among the common causes of not maintaining weight loss. You will need to manage your food intake and exercise for the rest of your life.

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